Fire Inspection Checklist



This list is a guide to ensure safety within your business, but does not express all aspects of the 2009 International fire Code, related NFPA Standards, or Township Ordinances.


-All Exit Signs and emergency Lighting must be in working order.

-Business Address Numbers are to be place on any front and rear entrance doors leading into your business

-Business Address Numbers are to be 6 inches in height and clearly visible from the street.

-All marked Egress doors shall be unlocked during business hours, no exceptions.

-All Egress aisle ways shall be maintained to a minimum 38 inches clearance to Egress Exits. All marked egress Exits shall be free of obstruction and be operational.

-Combustible Materials shall not be stored within 10 feet of the outside of the building (including dumpsters). No combustible materials are permitted to be stored in any mechanical room.

-Household extension cords are not permitted in commercial businesses.

-No multiplug adapters or multiplug extension cords are permitted in commercial businesses. You must use surge protected power strips.

-No extension cords are to be used as permanent wiring or run behind walls and ceilings.

-Provide clearance of at least 36 inches between all gas and electrical service equipment.                  

-Fire extinguishers shall be service and tagged annually. They must also be hung on the wall at about hip height.

-All fire alarm systems shall be inspected annually and a Fire Alarm Inspection Report shall be provided to our office.

-All sprinkler systems shall be inspected annually and a Sprinkler System Inspection Report shall be

provided to our office. Provide 18 inches clearance from sprinkler heads. No storage shall be around the sprinkler control valves.

-Fire Suppression systems shall be serviced and tested semi annual.

-Kitchen Hood and Duct systems must be cleaned professionally and tagged according to the following schedule.

          -Wood burning or other solid fuels-monthly

          -High Volume Cooking-quarterly

          -Moderate Volume-semi annually

          -Low Volume-annually
-A Rapid Entry System is required for all businesses.

-If you currently have a Knox Box and the keys have been changed to access your business, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office immediately to have the new keys placed in the box.

-All fire protection systems and main electrical panel locations shall be properly identified with a sign that clearly states: Fire Alarm, Sprinkler System, Electrical Room.

-All fire protection systems must be accessible, including but not limited to: fire alarm panels, sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems.

-If you have a generator, it must be serviced annually and provide a copy of the maintenance report to the Fire Marshal’s Office

-Any empty spaces within an electrical panel must have a panel blank or blank breaker in them.

-No open wiring is permitted, all outlets junction boxes must be covered.

-If your business contains an FDC (Fire Department Connection), it must have a sign on the exterior and have accessibility.

-All flammable liquids in a building must be stored in a flammable liquids cabinet.

-LP Gas (such as propane) Cylinders shall be stored appropriately. All compressed gas cylinders, empty or full, not in use must be secured with a chain against a wall or in a rack.